I applaud Truda Whitaker and her expertise in helping me hear better. She is readily available when I have issues with my devices or need advice in their use. She is extremely pleasant and courteous with me and other customers and seems eager to accommodate her client's needs.
Harry Roach, on Google
Visit yesterday with the hearing specialist and impressed with the battery of tests to determine the level of hearing and understanding in what is heard. A video describing the effects of hearing on the brain and social interaction was very enlightening as well as informative.
Dalton Banks, on Google
I recently acquired my very first hearing aid for my left ear. This has been a long time coming. I knew I did not hear as well in that ear for several years, but simply assumed there wasn't much I could do about it or the cost of the hearing aid would be too much. I finally decided to get a test and see what my options were. I am SO glad I did. Truda and Katlyn are FANTASTIC and were so super supportive. After a well-conducted hearing test, Truda confirmed my suspicions about hearing loss in my left ear, but that's not where the story ends. They determined that my health insurance would cover a certain amount, which to my wonderful surprise, was enough to cover a very good device for one ear. AND WOW, the difference it is now making in my life is almost indescribable. You just don't realize what you're NOT hearing as you've gotten so used to hearing subpar. The hearing aid is light on the ear, very discrete, and I almost forget I'm wearing it (well, until I take it out at night!). If you've been on the fence about this, then get OFF the fence and head over and see my new besties Truda and Katlyn and they will do everything they can to not only confirm your hearing loss, but more importantly, they will take the time to find you a solution ... and teach you how to use it! They are super great folks who genuinely care about helping you. They are super friendly and wonderful people. Go see them!
Manuel Stricklin, on Google
Truda and the staff are very professional and pleasant to work with. I am very pleased with my new hearing aids and if feels so nice to be able to hear even the smallest sounds. They go out of their way to treat you with kindness and look after your best intererst. Johnny B.
Stacy Brooks, on Google
Everything about the visit was good. I need hearing aids. Insurance will pay. I learned a lot of useful information from the 4 minute video. I am going to make an appointment for my 87 year old father....
Glenda Wilhite, on Google

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