Welcome to our Blog, an online forum designed to educate, illuminate, share your experiences with hearing impairment. We understand that addressing a hearing loss can seem to be an unnerving concept initially, and we would like to help ease some of your anxieties by making the process enjoyable and hassle-free. You may see some posts that bring awareness to some struggles with hearing loss that you or a loved one may be having. Hopefully, you will learn how others are coping well with situations that present to you, and seem (at first) to have no solution. We hope that you will use this blog for reflection, discovery, insight, and fun! By doing so, we hope that we can help more individuals suffering from hearing loss difficulties feel comfortable in getting the care that they need. Hopefully, with this increased awareness, the individual and family members alike will benefit from improved quality of life through better hearing.

Visit us often to read upcoming posts about hearing loss, hearing health, and best communicative function – or whatever else is on your mind. We welcome your commentary, feedback and questions that can be shared either in the comments section for each blog or by submitting your information to the Contact Us form. If you do choose to share your comment or question for all to see, please try to be constructive, encouraging, and respectful of others so that all who might view it will be able to receive information that they can use. We hope you will enjoy our new virtual community and will be encouraged towards better hearing health. I look forward to our conversations.